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Cyber Security and Privacy Liability Insurance - Zurich Tenerife

Cyber Risk in Tenerife

A convenient, single solution to help protect your business against cyber risks

For most organizations, a serious and potentially damaging cyber-attack is more a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. As the digital and physical worlds merge, cyber risks are undergoing fundamental changes that affect all stakeholders in different ways.


Our Zurich Cyber Security and Privacy Liability Insurance can help you protect against the risks of a serious data breach. The program brings together features often attached to other commercial policies as coverage extensions by endorsement

Zurich Insurance Tenerife

Key coverages and benefits

- Liability coverages

• Security and Privacy Liability

• Regulatory proceedings defence costs

• Civil fines and penalties associated with Payment and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

• Internet media liability

- Non-liability coverages

• Privacy breach costs, including:

– Forensic investigation expenses

– Legal and public relations expenses

– Credit and identity monitoring costs

– Identity restoration and identity theft insurance costs

– Call center costs

• Business income loss, dependent business income loss (i.e., loss insured incurs due to a vendor’s network

security event) and extra expense

• Digital asset replacement expense

• Cyber extortion threats and reward payments

• System failure and dependent system failure

• Reputational damages

• Social engineering funds transfer

• Claims mitigation costs

- Additional policy highlights

• Coverage limits available up to USD25 million

• Business interruption coverage is triggered if a breach requires a voluntary shutdown of operations or a regulator ordered shutdown

• System failure and administrative errors can also trigger coverage

• Affirmative coverage for wrongful data collection

• Affirmative European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coverage availability

• Definition of insured person extended to include temporary employees, volunteers or interns

• Definition of extra expenses amended to include forensic expenses


Security against the growing threat of costly cyberattacks

Solutions programmed to respond to an evolving risk environment

Simplicity in protecting against risk with one convenient program

Additional preventive services...


If your company’s screens lock up or you have doubts as to whether a backup is properly made, a specialist will help you solve the problem.


If you need to protect your computers, we check that your antivirus is up to date and install an application to prevent data hijacking.


If you have information that you don’t want to lose, we offer you a daily backup system so that your company’s data is always safe.


If you want to know the degree of vulnerability of your website or your network of devices, we analyse what dangers can come from the internet, make recommendations and implement solutions.


If you have questions about the new data protection law, we will make general recommendations to help you comply.


If you want to know what people are saying about your company on the networks, we carry out a detailed analysis to provide you with the information and help you improve it.


If you do not know how to protect yourself or how to react to a cyber incident, we offer information for you and your employees.

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Our Cyber-Risk Insurance Expert

In our agency TVT Seguros (insurance), Susana Wichels, Phd, is a specialist in digital and cyber insurance. With a doctor in New Technologies,  Master in Insurance and 11 years of experience, she is the expert you need to clear all your doubts and questions about cyber-risks. Contact us today! 

Zurich Cyber Risk Insurance FAQs

Find answers to all your questions

No business in the Canary Islands is safe from the threat of cybercrime. In today’s connected world, all businesses are exposed to the risks of malware, ransomware, viruses and data loss or data breaches, regardless of their geographic location.

These crimes can have serious consequences, including reputational damage, financial loss and legal claims.

In some cases, hackers can even block access to customer or supplier data or social media accounts and demand payment to restore it.

Protecting your business from these threats is essential, but it can be difficult to do on your own. That’s where Zurich’s cyber insurance comes in.

A good Zurich cyber insurance policy can provide critical financial protection in the event of a successful attack. It can also help cover investigation and recovery costs. If you are not already insured, now is the time to talk to TVT Insurance, your trusted agency.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Calculate now your Cyber Risk Insurance at the Best Prices!