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DKV Health Insurance Tenerife

Health insurance dkv

DKV, European market lider in Health Insurance

Medical insurance in Spain: Is there something more important than your Health?

DKV, european leader in Health Insurance – Made-to-measure healthcare assistance

The European leader in health insurance provides the most comprehensive health insurance products for you and your family. At DKV, your health is our priority

Are you looking for the optimal health insurance cover in Spain?

Just like other European community citizens, British citizens registered in Spain have the right to receive medical attention from the national health system, which is public and free, in similar conditions to those of Spanish citizens. However, for those who reside most of the year in this country, especially those without a stable job, it is recommendable to take out a private medical insurance that guarantees a comprehensive medical cover.

If you are looking for Private medical insurance in Spain, you should consider if you need a: 

  or a

Apart of that, we also have Dental insurance (DKV Dentisalud Classic / DKV Dentisalud Élite), Health insurance for Freelancers and Companies (DKV Profesional / DKV Renta) and supplement Insurance for expatriates (Globality YouGenio World), Critical illness insurance (DKV Mundicare) and Funeral insurance (DKV Protección Familiar / DKV Ecofuneral).

DKV: Market lider in Health Insurance in Europe

DKV Seguros is the Spanish affiliate of Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG, which belongs to the German group ERGO, and is Europe’s leading health insurance company. DKV has a presence all over Spain, with over 1.7 million clients and a wide network of 72 offices and 21 surgeries. The company markets a wide variety of high quality insurances that provide flexibility and freedom of choice for consumers. The star product of the company is DKV Integral, a medical insurance that covers everything necessary to take care of the health of the whole family: emergency attention, primary care, specialists, means of diagnosis, hospitalization and surgery. DKV provides comprehensive and pioneering health care by means of the over 2,600 medical professionals that make up the company’s authorized list of professionals in the Canary Islands. Furthermore, our clients have complete freedom to visit any of the 24,000 doctors, among which are names of great prestige, which form the DKV network in Spain.

We improve you quality of life

As well as the advantages that private health care provides, DKV includes additional innovative services in all its medical insurances, designed to improve your health and the quality of life of all the family. DKV clients can access, free of charge, worldwide health care in the event of an emergency, as well as the various telephone advice services. Specialists will answer your queries on the Paediatric Line and the Pregnancy Advice Line. Especially interesting is the general advice line available on the Medical Line, which is also available in English. There are also services with advantageous economic conditions such as refractive surgery for visual defects, assisted reproduction, a programme to help you to give up smoking, stem cell preservation, aid to senior citizens and dependent persons (residences, tele-assistance…) and the wellness line (spas, cosmetic surgery, etc.). The most demanding clients also value the Second Medical Opinion service, which enables clients to consult with experts of international prestige about medical diagnosis and treatment in the event of serious illnesses, as well as our agreement with the 7,500 most prestigious clinics in the USA.

When can I start using my insurance? Are they waiting periods?

You can access the contracted services identifying yourself with your MEDICARD with only these waiting periods:

  • Hospitalisation and surgical procedures (including prostheses)*: 6 months

  • Childbirth*: 8 months

  • Dentures and orthodontics: 8 months

  • Transplants: 12 months

  • Best Care: 3 months

  • And an exclusion period: Health care for HIV/AIDS: 12 months

Grace and exclusion periods are applicable in both modalities: Own and external services.

* Hospitalisation due to a life- threatening emergency or an accident has no waiting period

What about previous conditions?

To cover illnesses or health conditions prior to taking out your policy, such as pregnancy, you can use associated services if you pay a surcharge via the NorMRisk system. Please  call us to discuss your personal & previius medical conditions.

How long is my DKV insurance contract?

The duration of the DKV’s Health Insurance contract are the calendar year (1 January to 31 December) and will be renewed by tacit agreement on an annual basis.

The insurance premium is annual, which is compatible with payment in instalments and monthly, quarterly or half yearly payments, depending on the insurance type chosen. In any case, payment of the premium in instalments does not exempt the policyholder from their obligation to pay the full annual premium. In the event of return or non-payment of invoices, DKV Seguros is entitled to claiming the unpaid amount of the annual premium.

The contract is renewed automatically. At DKV Seguros we undertake not to terminate the policy after its third year, except in the event of breach of conditions or inaccuracies in the health declaration

How to cancel my Health Insurance?

The policyholder must request the cancellation (the individual or institution that subscribes this contract) with
a month’s notice before the expiry date (31 December). This request has to be sent to the company by post or fax to your nearest DKV branch or to the following email address:

The mandatory information to be included in the request is as follows:

  • Photocopy or digital copy of the policyholder’s ID.

  • Policy or card number.

  • Signature of the policyholder.

DKV is Europe's largest private health insurance and is represented in six european countries.

DKV Insurance is a company characterised for its specialising in health, its product and service innovation and customer orientation, all of which translates into a comprehensive quality service.

DKV Insurance provides made-to-measure healthcare assistance and the most comprehensive health insurance products for the whole family.

DKV wants you to take care of your health. That is why our health insurance gives you what you need: a comprehensive medical directory so that you can choose the most appropriate specialist for you, clinics and hospital close to you, dental insurance with big discounts and free young ones, among many other coverages. We offer you all the advantages of private healthcare to ensure you have piece of mind with insurance such as DKV Integral.

And as well as all the medical insurance coverage we give you, we have lots of other services to look after your and your family’s health, like our prevention plans, and the Quiero Cuidarme blog with information on healthy habits. Because DKV Seguros offers the support and resources you need to prevent disease, through our wide network of offices and consultancies employing over 2,000 people.

And, as always, we want to make things easier, as well as being specialised in health insurance, we provide other services such as medical telephone helplines, making it easy for you to call with queries, and our Health and Wellbeing Club, which gives you a range of benefits such as discounts on plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, spas, gyms, etc. 

DKV Seguros is a company with a commitment to people and society. We work to make a healthier world aimed at sustainable development. Another reason that makes us, as a company offering health insurance policies, we are positioned among the highest rankings of insurers in Spain, and have the support of one of the most reputable international insurance groups, Munich Re.

Our Health Insurances:

The Spanish favourite! Medical Care provided exclusively by the DKV Medical Network and its associated private entities, with no limit for expenses, just present the DKV Medical Card.  

Insurance for serious illness,with which we guarantee  financial support and necessary guidance  to receive the best world wide available treatment when facing a diagnosis for serious illness, access to the best treatment abroad.

For foreign residents and for those who travel frequently, DKV Seguros has a policy designed to provide cover anywhere in the world: DKV Mundisalud. The four modules that this medical insurance includes stand out for their broad reimbursement cover of medical expenses and for having individual limits according to the different needs of clients. As well as guaranteeing a reimbursement of 90% of fees for medical care abroad and 80% of those in Spain, clients have access to the extensive list of the company’s medical professionals at no cost.

An special insurance for expatriates that live in Spain and travel often to Germany.




The best of the best. Top Insurance for premium customers. It is the most complete private insurance . It includes free choice of doctors and hospitals worldwide.
Care provided by the DKV Medical Network,with no limit for expenses just present the DKV Medical Card.

The elite of private Medical Insurance, without limits or restrictions to your health. A medical insurance that gives you access to the best private medicine which is necessary when taking care of your health and quality of life,without access limits or expenses. In case of free choice of doctors, 100% reimbursement for invoices in Spain and /or worldwide.