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DKV Residentes

DKV Seguros de Salud - Seguros Médicos Privados

DKV Residentes – Seguro de Salud de Cuadro Médico

Medical insurance and free choice insurance in Spain and worldwide

DKV Residentes offers you the possibility of adapting the medical care to your needs with three different categories. All of them offer youassistance without any cost within our DKV Health Care Network and the reimbursement of expenses, up to 100% in Spain, for your medical and hospital treatment in non- associated centres. In addition, if you are a German citizen, you can include the repatriation to Germany and the medical care in this country with the Best Care services.

The reimbursement of visits and treatments using external professionals will be 100% in Spain, except for dental services, which will be 80%, as set out in the general terms and conditions, and in the specific terms of your policy.

DKV RESIDENTES has the following modalities:

Category 20 Basic cover = Health care in Spain

General practice, paediatrics, children’s health and nursing, with more than 1,000 clinics and 24,000 professionals across the whole of Spain. It includes emergencies, medical or surgical specialities, diagnostic procedures, hospital care and some treatment methods.

Category 20 Repatriation = Health care in Spain + Repatriation to Germany

In addition to the previously mentioned cover, in the event of death, it includes the repatriation to the German airport closest to the place of burial.

Category 22 Best Care = Health care in Spain + Repatriation to Germany + Best Care

The Best Care service is added to previous cover, an exclusive service that guarantees you the medical care in Germany to treat serious illnesses, with prestigious specialists and the maximum speed. It includes hospital surgery and treatment of certain illnesses, congenital abnormalities and complications arising from accidents. We promise not to exceed five business days for hospital admission or a consultation with a specialist, once we have all the documentation. If we fail to do so, you will receive the amount of EUR 500 as compensation.

And there is a lot more cover at your disposal…


Maximum 20 sessions/year for psychotherapy, except in food behaviour disorders (anorexia and bulimia), cases of school bullying, or gender or family- based violence, where the limit is 40 sessions.


It includes all treatments, except cosmetic ones.



Access without the need for authorisation.


Family planning techniques

We cover tubal ligation, vasectomy and IUD insertion (reimbursement of the cost of IUD up to a limit of EUR 120).



For own means with prior authorisation from DKV, there is a 12,000 euros/year limit for cardiac and vascular prostheses.


Marrow, liver, kidney, cornea and heart. maintain symmetry between both. It will include breast implants, skin expanders and breast mesh coating.


Oncoplastic breast reconstructive surgery after radical surgery

It includes the remodelling of the healthy breast and the implant to maintain symmetry.


Daily compensation for hospitalisation

From the third day of hospitalization, and with a maximum annual limit, when hospitalization is covered by the insurance and none of the expenses have been paid by DKV Seguros. Check the amounts set in your specific conditions and the general terms and conditions or request more information on 976 506 000.

Travel assistance

In the case of an emergency, DKV Residentes also takes care of you if you are abroad (trip of a maximum 180 days). In addition, it includes the stay of accompanying persons, reimbursement of expenses, transfer and repatriation of injured or ill persons, sending
any forgotten documents and your medication (if you cannot find it in the place where you are), we help you with your lost luggage or absorb any legal cost of an accident.

To use this service it is essential that you contact DKV Seguros from the time of the incident by calling +34 913 790 434 (you will always have this phone number with you on the back of your MEDICARD®).

Find out about the medical coverage included, as well as any subsistence, repatriation and transfer costs covered and their limits, in the annex to travel assistance of the general terms and conditions.

The contracted specific conditions may change the specific cover of your policy: Please read them carefully, check whether there are any exclusions and contact us if you have any questions.

Other specials benefits

  • Reimbursement of medicines prescribed for therapeutic purposes,including vaccines and homeopathy. Accessories to aid healing, such as bandages, are also included.

  • Opticians’ services: Frames and glasses are included.

  • Orthopaedic material: Insoles, hearing aids and even custom shoes.

  • Special aids: Wheelchairs, oxygen breathing apparatus, baby monitors, devices for treating sleep apnoea, reading aids, infusion pumps and even guide dogs (with orientation training).

  • Alternative and complementary therapies: Homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, chiropractic and osteopathy.

  • Family assistance and dependency care: Reimbursement of the expenses for proven Grade 3 dependency due to an accident. It includes special home aids for people with decreased autonomy, residential care, adapting the home and remote care via mobile phone or landline.

  • Reimbursement for the expense of annual maintenance in the bank of of haematopoietic stem cells, for the first six years after birth.

Check the general terms and conditions for detailed information on these benefits, how to access them and any set limits.

If you live in the Canary Islands, this health insurance policy is indicated

If you are looking for health insurance in Tenerife, La Palma, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote and that also allows you to travel to the mainland in case you need specialised treatment, this is a very complete product and with the best insurance coverage in its class (medical insurance in a concerted network).

In TVT Seguros we have been working for more than 26 years as representatives of DKV Seguros in the Canary Islands and we have the maximum experience to be able to advise you and explain the differences of this insurance in relation to others in the market with lower coverage. Ask us now for your personalised informative appointment or a quote. 

DKV Residents' Health Care Insurance FAQs

Find answers to all your questions

All benefits can be used from day one except:

Transplants: 12 months

Childbirth: 8 months

Dental prostheses and maxillary orthopaedics: 8 months

Hospitalisation and surgery: 6 months

Best Care: 3 months

Maximum age of contracting: 75 actuarial years.

Minimum contracting age: 50 years for the policyholder.

Application and health declaration signed by the policyholder and the insured.

Mandatory direct debit in Spain.

The policy is renewed on 1 January and is considered to be for life after 3 consecutive annuities.

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