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Condominium Insurance - ZURICH TENERIFE

Condominium Insurance in Spain

Looking for good insurance for your condominium? You’ve got it with Zurich. Ensuring the peace of mind of all residents. That’s what this Insurance is all about.

Whether it’s a property with just a few residents or one with a number of stairways, our condominium insurance provides covers and solutions that ensure all the needs of your condominium are met. Whatever type it is.

Getting on with your neighbours is crucial. Having the finest insurance is as well.

Zurich Community Claims - Management with Pasión

In the event of an accident your Community will be in the best of hands

In the event of a claim in your community, our agency will help you and your neighbours to quickly solve the problems of leaks, leaks due to rain, damage caused by vandalism and much more. The Zurich insurance company offers within its Community Insurance product 24h Assistance 365 days a year.

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Zurich: the community insurance that takes care of where you live

Zurich Seguros’ community insurance offers all residents a wide range of options and maximum cover to ensure that all their needs are covered.

  • Breakage of windows and glass.
  • Water damage to community property and private property.
  • Damage due to theft.
  • Accident cover for Community employees.
  • Damage caused by atmospheric phenomena.

Whether you are a homeowner or the administrator of a Community of Owners, trust your security to Zurich Comunidades insurance, a decision that all your neighbours will agree with.


These are the covers that any condominium should have to be covered against any eventuality. So whatever happens, your condominium is protected against all kinds of damage and injury.



If there is a problem on the property, our helpline is open 24/7/365.



If the condominium’s pipes get blocked, we pay for a drain cleaning lorry to unblock

them for up to €500 per year.



If the lift breaks down because of a short circuit, we cover any electrical damage.



If a pane of glass in the condominium is broken, we cover the cost of repair.



If there is a fire or explosion in the building, we pay to repair any damage.



If someone tampers with the intercom and it stops working, we see to the repair.



If the garage is full of mud after flooding, we cover the cost of removing the mud and sludge.



If the fire brigade comes to help you, we pay for the cost of salvage and any damage caused by the fire brigade.



If the property becomes uninhabitable, we cover the cost of renting similar accommodation or premises while repairs are carried out.



If there is a break-in at the building, we cover any theft and damage to condominium property.



If a water leak damages residents’ property, we pay compensation, bonds and lawyer fees up to €100,000 per claim.



If part of the outer wall falls off and injures someone, we cover any payments, bonds or lawyer fees.


If the concierge has an accident while working, we cover their death or disability.



If rent for a flat or business premises is lost due to accident, we cover up to 12 months of lost rent during repairs.


Inscrease your condominium’s protection with covers that meet your real needs. You choose what and how much.



If a water system floods the building, we pay for damage to residents’ property.



If a water leak damages a resident’s private property, we cover any payments, bonds or lawyer fees.



If a resident does not pay their service charge, we claim payment for condominium overheads, repairs and systems from them.


(Covers and services subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the insurance you choose.) 

Calculate the price of insurance for your Community

Request a no obligation quote and take out your Community insurance with the best guarantee, that of Zurich Seguros in Tenerife.

Community Insurance Zurich Tenerife FAQs

Find answers to all your questions

Zurich Community Insurance is one of the most complete on the market. These are some of the covers we offer you:

– Zurich Community Insurance 24h Assistance – If there is any problem in the Community we have a 24 hour helpline, 365 days a year.
– Water damage Zurich Communities Insurance: Water, electrical or fire damage. We cover water, electrical or fire damage to community property up to the contracted capital.
– Breakage of windows, glass and crockery – If a shower tray or sink in the community breaks, we will replace it with a new one.
– Vandalism and Theft Zurich Communities Insurance – If the intercom is tampered with and becomes unusable, we will pay for the repair.
– Accidents to community employees – Accidents to community employees – For example, if the doorman has an accident while working, he is covered in the event of death or disability.
– Pest control: We protect your community against the most common pests (rats, mice and cockroaches), 365 days a year.
– Loss of rents Zurich Communities Insurance: If an accident causes you to lose the rent of a flat or premises, we cover up to 12 months of the rents lost during the repair.
– Co-Owners Liability Zurich Community Insurance – If the chairman authorises work on the property that causes damage, we will cover it or pay compensation as appropriate.

– Property Liability Community Insurance Zurich – If an element of the façade comes loose and damages someone, we assume the payments, bonds or lawyer’s fees.

Entrust the insurance of your Community of Residents to TVT Seguros, your Zurich insurance agency in the Canary Islands – Community Insurance Tenerife – Gran Canaria – La Palma – Gomera – Fuerteventura – Lanzarote – El Hierro

There are several factors that influence the cost of community insurance in the Canary Islands. Firstly, the size of the property, whether it is a community of a few neighbours or of many flats. Then the year of construction, the year of the last refurbishment, the number of floors above street level, the type of property or community in question, the annexed facilities such as swimming pools, recreational areas, etc. and the existing percentage between owners and tenants.

At TVT Seguros we offer you Zurich solutions for your community insurance in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gomera and El Hierro. Ask us now for a quote for your homeowners’ association insurance. We are your reliable agency since 1996.

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